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Workers in major defense industries may have the right to collective action stipulated by law limited or not recognized by law. The Prime Minister may recommend the President to dismiss a member of the State Council. Administrative power belongs to the government led by the President. If the premise of the hearing is whether the law violates the Constitution, the court shall refer the case to the Constitutional Court and decide accordingly. The state has a legal obligation to protect citizens residing abroad. Members of the National Assembly perform their duties according to their conscience and put the interests of the state first. Active military personnel cannot be appointed to the State Department unless they are dismissed from active duty. The establishment, organizational structure, and scope of responsibility of each administrative department are determined by law.

In order to protect and foster agriculture and fishing, the State shall establish and implement a plan necessary for the comprehensive development and support of rural and fishing villages. When this Constitution is promulgated, the members of the National Assembly shall serve until the day before the first National Assembly session under Article 1. The organization of the election management committees at each level, delegation matters, and other necessary matters shall be determined by law. Communication secrets of all citizens should not be violated. Matters concerning the presidential election shall be determined by law. The mining, development, or use of minerals and other important underground resources, aquatic resources, hydropower, and economically available natural forces may be patented by law within a certain period of time. Notwithstanding the provisions of the proviso to paragraph 1, judges other than the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court judges at the time this Constitution enters into force shall be deemed to have been appointed in accordance with this Constitution.