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a place worth sightseeing in Daegu

  1. Daegu Apsan: Daegu Apsan is a hiking spot located close to downtown Daegu. The mountain in front has various hiking trails and trails, so you can enjoy nature and walking, and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Daegu City from the top.
  2. Daegu Modern Alley Road: There are historic modern alleyways in Daegu. Daegu Modern Alley has buildings and cultural heritage formed from the late Joseon Dynasty to Japanese colonial era, and various cultural spaces such as art galleries, cafes, and restaurants are located along the street.
  3. Daegu Baseball Stadium (home stadium of Daegu Samsung Lions): Daegu has the home stadium of Samsung Lions, a South Korean professional baseball team. If you are a baseball fan, you can feel the passionate atmosphere by watching the home game of the Samsung Lions.
  4. Daegu Kim Kwang-seok Street: Daegu created Kim Kwang-seok Street in honor of Kim Kwang-seok, one of Korea’s leading poets. Kim Kwang-seok Street has statues, a poet’s birthplace, and a museum to honor his life and works, and you can enjoy his music and poetry.
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  6. Daegu is a city with various attractions such as history, culture, food, shopping, natural scenery, and sports, and provides visitors with interesting experiences and memories.