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Welcome to Fladmark Autoharps.  I’m Tom Fladmark.  I have been an autoharp player for thirty years and an autoharp builder for twenty years.  I was recently inducted into the Autoharp Hall of Fame. I apprenticed with master autoharp builder, George Orthey where I learned the basics of fine instrument building.  Combining all my experience as a woodworker, luthier and autoharp player, I started Fladmark Woodworks in my small shop in central Pennsylvania.  After a few years of building autoharps, I realized a need for a better and more reliable supply of autoharp strings.  I invested in the equipment necessary and now spend much of my time making quality autoharp strings as well as autoharps. My approach to autoharp building has always been about quality and consistency, not quantity.  Each Fladmark Autoharp is handmade by me, from start to finish, and is given attention to detail that makes a Fladmark Autoharp a delight to play, and beautiful to behold. 

Over the years, I have built hundreds of autoharps and my customers include professional musicians, serious amateurs as well as beginners.  I have enjoyed getting to know many wonderful people in the autoharp community and there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than hearing a Fladmark Autoharp being played and seeing the joy it brings to the owner. 

I will be offering Fladmark Autoharps for sale on this website.  As I build one, I will put it on the AUTOHARPS page.  I will be building a variety of styles, so if you don’t see something you like, come back again later.  Thanks for visiting.