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History of the daejeon

Daejeon is the central city of Korea and has played an important role in history.

The following is information related to major historical events in Daejeon:

  1. Origin of Daejeon: During the Joseon Dynasty, the current area of Daejeon was called Hanbat.
  2. This was an important transportation route connecting Hanyang (Seoul) and the Namhangang River area,
  3. and it developed into the center of Chungcheongnam-do and Chungcheongbuk-do at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.
  4. City Planning in Daejeon: Daejeon was created as the current city planning under Japanese colonial rule in 1912. At this time,
  5. Daejeon was developed as a city with central administrative and military functions.
  6. Importance of Daejeon: Daejeon has served as the transportation and communication center of the Republic of Korea.
  7. Daejeon, in particular, is located in the center of the Korean Peninsula and is an important transportation hub connecting the two Koreas, and has developed into a transportation hub where railways and highways intersect.
  8. The Korean War and the Great War: Daejeon played an important role as a center of war even during the Korean War (1950-1953).
  9. During the war, there were several battles between North and South Korean forces, and after the end of the war, the damage caused by the fighting was restored and reconstructed.
  10. Science and Technology Center of Daejeon: Daejeon is known as the center of science and technology development in Korea. Since the 1970s, various research institutes, universities, and companies have been concentrated in Daejeon, and development and research and development in the field of science and technology have been actively carried out.
  11. Against this backdrop, Daejeon is also called the “City of Science.”
  12. Daejeon is a city that has historically developed as a transportation and administration center.
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